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The present document regulates all the aspects related to warranty, servicing, liability and crash replacements of all “VIVELO” products, meaning every product branded “VIVELO” (VIVELO is a brand registered by Ettu 21 Ltd.) sold directly to consumers by Ettu 21 Ltd. or any of its affiliates (hereinafter: “VIVELO affiliates” or “VIVELO”) or sold to consumers by VIVELO authorized dealers.

Preamble and definitions


All bicycle products have a finite useful service life. This is determined by a combination of many factors including:

  • Typical load
  • Correct installation
  • Materials and technologies
  • Product design
  • Rider weight and power
  • Care and maintenance
  • Type of usage
  • Impact damage.

These factors all affect wear.

Additionally, products are subject to a less-known form of wear known as ‘material fatigue’. This is the progressive separation of the molecular structure, a ‘micro-fracture’ that eventually grows large enough to cause failure.

To minimise your riding risk, VIVELO recommends you check your bicycle regularly for signs of wear. Have a qualified mechanic regularly inspect all parts of the bicycle for corrosion, wear, cracks, deformation, surface damage, and any sign of fatigue.

Spotting early signs of fatigue requires visual enhancers like penetrating fluids. Any component that is worn out, has lost its structural integrity, or shows any sign of fatigue or damage must be replaced immediately, to reduce the possibility of an accident that could cause serious injury.


A heavier rider and/or an aggressive riding style increase the stress on the products, reducing service life. VIVELO products are suitable for riders below 110 kg/242 lb (including rider).


Products are designed solely for the use specifically indicated in their description and packaging. Any other use may be dangerous and should be avoided.

Two years / lifetime limited warranty

VIVELO offers to the original owner a 2 years warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

For all the products purchased directly on our website or if you register your VIVELO products bought from a certified VIVELO dealer on you will extend the warranty to a four years warranty.

To validate this warranty, the original owner must register the frame before a 30 day time limit from the day he/she received it. Any registration after that time limit will be considered invalid and will not grant a lifetime limited warranty.

When a product is verified and validated by VIVELO to be defective within the terms of this warranty, it will be replaced or repaired, at the sole discretion of VIVELO, free of charge. In case of replacement, if the same original product is not available, it will be replaced with an equivalent product of similar value.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Products used beyond the scope of their intended design, 
  • Products without a legitimate dated proof of purchase;
  • Products not purchased through VIVELO or through a legitimate VIVELO dealer;
  • Products whose serial number and authenticity markings have been made unreadable (in the Particular case that a fall or accident would affect the readability o f the serial number, the client should inform VIVELO for the record);
  • Normal aging, wear and fatigue;
  • Damage caused by shipping, abuse, misuse, wrong assembly, improper maintenance, impacts, corrosion, accidents, aggressive/corrosive agents, use with non-compatible components, improper repairs and not done by a qualified/certified mechanic, and any other cause which does not constitute a material or manufacturing defect;
  • Products that have reached the end of their useful service life.
  • Refinished/refurbished products;
  • Products used commercially;
  • Labour costs;
  • Damage caused by wrong brake pads;
  • Only in the case of customized products purchased directly from Ettu 21 Ltd. online store, cosmetic imperfections related to the handcrafted finishing process of the product made to order based on the customer request.

Please note that the product specifications VIVELO provides are nominal and may be changed at any time.

Limitation of liability

VIVELO shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, to the extent allowed by local laws.

This warranty is valid only for the original owner and is not transferable. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product, which is the sole remedy of the warranty.

In addition to the rights granted by this policy, you may have other legal rights granted by consumer laws of the country where the product was sold. If this warranty is inconsistent with any mandatory local law, it shall be deemed modified in accordance with such local law.

This one is the only conventional warranty offered for the product you purchased. Any additional clause, extension or implied warranty is specifically excluded.

When a product is repaired it remains covered under the residual part of the original warranty. There is no renewal or extension of the warranty period.

When a product is replaced, the client must register it again generating a new warranty and the original product that was replaced becomes the property of VIVELO.

VIVELO reserves the right to confiscate any counterfeit or unsafe product sent in for warranty inspection.

Any disputes arising out of this Agreement or regarding the use of this product will be governed by Bulgarian laws.

Claim Procedure:

The warranty claim shall be made through the legitimate VIVELO dealer that sold the product or VIVELO service center (Customer Care) if you have purchased the product directly from us in the online store. In the case, you can send us an email at with WARRANTY CLAIM in the email subject, stating name and surname and telling the motive of the claim. The department of Customer Care will contact you detailing the steps to follow.

For VIVELO to determine the validity of the warranty claim it may require the delivery of the claimed product. The shipping expenses will be at the client charge and the products must be properly cleaned (otherwise a charge may be applied). 

End users are requested to make sure that the dealer forwarding their claim will provide the same information requested above and the original invoice, for proof of date and place of purchase (products claimed without proof of purchase will be returned collect to the dealer without inspection);

Crash replacement

VIVELO offers a “crash replacement” program to original owners who bought their products directly from our web store or from a legitimate VIVELO dealer and have correctly registered their products on the VIVELO website within 30 days from purchase.

The terms and conditions are as follow:

  • In case of a problem with a frame, you will be entitled to a discount to rebuy a new frameset from us.
  • Discount if you have purchased your bike / frame set within:
    • 0 a 12 months;  30% discount
    • 13 to 24 months; 25% discount
    • 25 to 36 months; 20% discount

You will need to send your affected products to our Service Center in order to qualify for this programm. 

Shipping expenses both from you to us and us to you will be entirely at your charge (including locales taxes if applicable).