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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.

Our mechanics will take care of most of the assembly before your bike leaves our warehouse, but your bike will still require the installation of the following components: front wheel, handlebars, seat post and pedals.

If you still need a little more help, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will help you out.

No you can’t, as this would void the warranty. The removal or reapplication of paint may result in weakening the carbon fibre structure of the frame and/or fork, so VIVELO strongly recommends not doing so. Please see our Warranty section for more details.

The minimum insertion of the seatpost in the frame is 90mm, or more if so specified by the seatpost manufacturer.

For the maximum insertion in the frame, it varies with the frame size. Specially for the smaller frame sizes please be aware of this dimension and respect it, as inserting the seatpost lower can damage the frame. In case you need a lower saddle height than the following dimensions allow for your seatpost, please consider cutting the seatpost tube (if the seatpost manufacturer allows this) or using a shorter seatpost.

Maximum seatpost insertion:

  • Frame size 49: 160mm
  • Frame size 52: 190mm
  • Frame size 54: 210mm
  • Frame size 56: 230mm
  • Frame size 58: 250mm
  • Frame size 61: 280mm

Yes, Ante is suitable for use with all major indoor cycle training systems, but because stresses on bike frames, specifically those on the rear triangle, are different on a trainer to those which we usually experience on the road, we strongly advise that you proceed with caution.

Carefully read all instructions and warnings, and make sure that the trainer you’re considering using is compatible with bikes specced with the industry-standard disc brake 12x142mm thru-axle system, which Ante features – noting that some systems will require an adaptor for this standard.

Most contemporary “wheel-off” indoor training systems are generally kinder to bikes, and also tend to be the best in terms of features, connectivity with apps and accuracy of power meters. If you are planning to use a “wheel-off” model, also check for compatibility with the drivetrain specified on your Ante, that the trainer’s freehub body and/or cassette are of the correct type.

When following all the instructions carefully, indoor trainers should not damage your Ante and will not invalidate your warranty.

The VIVELO Ante frame uses a BB386Evo bottom bracket shell. This is a popular standard for high-performance carbon fiber frames thanks to allowing a high drivetrain stiffness and bigger tire clearance in the design. The bottom bracket shell is 86mm wide, with a 46mm diameter bore to accept PF30 style bearing cups. For BB installation use a proper BB cup press (such as Enduro BRT-02) with inserts for the type of crank spindle used. VIVELO recommends using Loctite 641 in the interface between cups and BB shell.

Ante is designed to fit tires up to 30mm wide (please be aware this is 30mm measured tires, not just tires labeled as being “30mm”, as the total width of the tire will vary depending on the rim width and tire pressure).

While its frameset is strong, well balanced and capable, we do not recommend Ante for significant gravel or off-road use. Its carefully considered materials, construction and balanced handling are primarily configured for high performance road riding.

As a road racing bicycle, Ante has been optimized to use 25 or 28mm tires, to make the most of its racing geometry. In the three full-build options, Ante comes equipped with 25mm tires.

Use gentle care to handle your bike and components. Never use a high-pressure cleaner gun when washing your bike or wash with a hose from a very close distance. Ensure you only use a low pressure hose to clean sensitive parts like bearings, headset, wheel hubs, etc. Use a soft brush and a bucket of water with high quality bike cleaner (disc brake safe) diluted in it to wash off all stubborn dirt from chain, cassette and chainrings. Rinse your bike with a low pressure hose to clean off all excess soap. Wipe down your bike with a soft cloth to dry all excess water. Apply a high quality bike lube to your chain.

Only the original owner is covered by our warranty.

While we understand that frameset weight is one way that riders evaluate bike choice, we feel a published weight is not always a helpful comparison tool. Weights vary greatly between manufacturers (inclusion of small parts, integration, paint, size of frame, etc.) and manufacturing discrepancies mean that a published weight is, at best, an average or general indicator. The manufacturing process of a carbon bicycle frame is composed of many steps, and each one incrementally adds possible variation: cutting the composite plies, placing them by hand on a mandrel, curing, surface preparation and painting are affected by machine or human precision. That makes a certain degree of manufacturing variance inevitable.

Also, for many weight-focused riders, choice of wheelset and components is a much more decisive factor in lightweight performance. If weight is a key factor in your decision-making, we strongly suggest having your local shop weigh the build you are interested in, for a more accurate picture of the weight you’ll be handling on the road or trail.

Weight is one of a spectrum of performance benchmarks we use in our engineering process. Things like ride quality, stiffness and power transfer, and the aero profile of our tube shapes are equally – and often more – important. A bike designed for the comfort and handling of all-day, all-road conditions is going to have frame weight as one of several performance benchmarks, optimised to meet the goals for that riding experience. We also focus on usability and real-world riding – which means integrating in-frame toolkits and other storage options, extra water bottle mounts, fender mounts, connectivity protocols and other design elements that respond to what really happens on your ride.

A good fit is the basis for a good ride. Your local retailer is the best source for an accurate and professional fitting service. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.